The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer

Well, I’m hip deep in the big rewrite of ‘iNation and The Tears of a Billion Children’. First third now complete and I’m battling the urge  to run for the hills. The writing will continue though and no matter what I will prevail. 

Only those who write can know the loneliness of the art. No-one can help, no one can advise, no one can make a difference. It’s you and the book. But onwards we go, firing up the computer each day hoping that the plot will resolve itself, the characters will at least go along with our ideas and the text will at least be readable.

We keep writing because to stop would be unthinkable. We would be reduced to people who have tried and failed. We would stand in the shadows and watch those with more grit and perseverance take the glittering prizes that we know in our hearts could have been ours. We would eavesdrop and hear people whisper ‘he tried to be a writer once, you know’.

So each day we pick ourselves up and hurl ourselves once more into the breach in an act of self-defiance. We rage against the gods of literature to create something that is bigger than ourselves. To be a writer above all else. To be published. To be able to stand and say ‘I am a writer’.

So, my fellow writers…SHOULDN’T YOU BE WRITING?

I am.

6 thoughts on “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer

  1. There echoes the voice that we all share… the paradox of the loneliness of the writer, shared inexorably by millions in the same arena.. joined as much by our angst as if it were at the hip… splendid post, yet again, Jim.. “):):)

    • Yea- I was in the throes again today. I honestly think it would have been easier to write a new novel than rewrite an existing one.

  2. Wow, you capture it perfectly. Writing is rewriting x infinity for me. Good thing we enjoy it so much! Thanks for the follow and keep on!

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